Creating Successful Enterprises

Premier Pioneer Group Ltd (PPG) specialises in acquiring under-performing or distressed SMEs throughout the UK.

We excel at providing investment and cutting edge solutions for struggling businesses, so they can achieve their full potential.

We offer:

  • Multi-sector expertise
  • A track record in creating added value
  • Management expertise to drive growth and profitability

Company Statement

Premier Pioneer Group is a multi-disciplined holding and investment company seeking to back small to medium sized UK businesses that are currently not realising their proper potential and who require urgent financial assistance.

Underpinned by decades of high-level management experience, we work across a broad range of industries, providing the necessary funding and hands-on support to stimulate growth and create significant value in under-performing enterprises.  

At Premier Pioneer Group, we offer financial support and appropriate levels of management resource for struggling SMEs. We are knowledgeable, flexible and open-minded and are not tied to any specific sector of industry.  

Through our expertise, empathy, enthusiasm and energy, we drive misfiring companies towards unprecedented growth and long-term profitability. 

Premier Pioneer Group has developed an outstanding track record of success throughout the UK SME sector. We:  
  • Specialise in acquiring under-performing or distressed SMEs
  • Unlock untapped potential to maximise growth and profitability
  • Provide high-level, industry-relevant management and expertise
  • Undertake full buy-outs or majority shareholdings 

Premier Pioneer Group is a specialist holding and investment company which excels at transforming under-performing small and medium sized businesses across the United Kingdom.  Talk to us today if your company is currently seeking assistance.    


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