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14th September 2021
An investment company offers financial support and appropriate levels of management resources for struggling SMEs. These companies are often backed by a knowledgeable, flexible and open-minded team of professionals that are not tied to any specific sector of industry. This is exactly the reason why it is always a better idea to seek financial support from an investment company rather than individual investors.
18th August 2021
It’s not unusual for a small business owner to face unexpected financial difficulties which leads to issues in terms of coping up with day-to-day operations. Funding can be a saviour during such times and there are quite a few avenues to secure funds. Depending on the situation, a business grant could be an attractive option in comparison to traditional funding options. They offer a great opportunity to help establish and grow your business.
8th June 2021
The global economy has been drastically affected. As per statistics, the economy has essentially reverted to its level of five years ago. Therefore, it has become imperative for many businesses to focus on a survival strategy to see them through these difficult times. We’ve already seen some fantastic examples of businesses implementing innovative ideas in order to revive their fortunes.
11th May 2021
Financial pressures are one of the biggest concerns for SMEs. Considering the exceptionally challenging times at the moment for everyone, with the pandemic causing hugely disruptive effects through the economy, it is getting even more difficult for small and medium-sized businesses. While there are plenty of schemes and grants available at the moment to help you with your cash flow requirements, if you are looking for support beyond that there are investment companies that go beyond financial support.
14th April 2021
Many start-ups, after their embryo phase, require a business mentor to take them forward on a path to lasting success. While the importance of mentorship for a business remains debatable, it is often in the best interests of a start-up owner to seek help in the case of any difficulties, allowing them to overcome hurdles without much difficulty. There are a number of reasons why an enterprise might find itself in trouble. If a clear path is not visible, seeking the help of a mentor is always a good way forward.
9th March 2021
Investment in a small business is the best way for it to grow. It is a way to nurture and cultivate a business in the right direction. Investment in a small business can be in the form of either equity or debt. Equity investment entails the exchange of money for a percentage of ownership and profits. Debt investment on the other hand involves the lending of money to the business for fixed interest.
9th February 2021
If you are a small or medium-sized business facing low levels of productivity, there is scope for improvement with the right support. Practical and effective business support is fundamental for SMEs as an aid to expand and innovate further.
31st December 2020
Funds are the backbone of any business no matter what the scale of operation. The availability of funds at any given point is essential to foster the positive growth of your business. Often, lack of funds poses the most significant problem during the first year of operation itself. Additional funds also need to be pumped in for business growth for marketing, R & D, and such other essential aspects of the business. There are various reasons why an SME might need funds: 
14th December 2020
For any small to medium sized business, becoming and remaining financially solvent, is the name of the game. To reach and maintain that position can be harder than it might appear!   

Sadly, many SMEs never actually manage to turn a profit. For those that do, past performance is no guarantee of future success. There is never room for complacency – whether a company is operating in a highly competitive market or in a cosy little niche, where rival operators may be scarce on the ground.  
7th December 2020
The short answer is that there could be any number of different, contributory factors that would make someone feel the time had arrived to relinquish their business and pass the purse strings onto another individual or company.  
The sale might not be down to one specific reason, but rather a combination of circumstances coming into play.
23rd November 2020
Are you planning to expand? Are you planning to diversify? Are you tapping into the full potential of your business?
7th October 2020
The Premier Pioneer Group are new to the market from 2020, we are keen to meet new clients. Please take a look through our website and get in contact to discuss any ideas.