Are you a New Entrepreneur?


23rd December 2021
Pandemic, climate change and a global upheaval has given birth to a number of new businesses. Sustainable is a term that is being used very often of late and many are venturing into this line of business. From biodegradable plastics and toothbrushes made out of bamboo to reusable straws made out of steel, innovation has been at the forefront as new needs were felt during the pandemic as well as the threat of climate change looming over us. Start-ups are coming up with some very innovative ideas these days. If you have joined the start-up bandwagon, we have some vital information to share.

Research is important so take your time to do it well. If you have an idea, weigh its pros and cons well and conduct thorough market research in order to ascertain the feasibility and profitability of your business idea. Tread carefully initially and once you are sure of your business plan only then get into it headlong without looking back.

If you are still contemplating ideas, you can always start by looking for ideas around you in your community itself. Any issues or needs concerning your area or community might give you ideas.

If you have a particular skill set, put it to good use. It might just click. Try to use your skills to your advantage first.

It is always good to have timelines and clear, practical goals. Plan each day one at a time and then move on to your short- and medium-term goals. Effective planning is important as it goes a long way in helping you achieve your long-term goals.

Even if budgets are a constraint, build a reliable team. It is an important investment.

Delegation of authority is important and as an entrepreneur, you must have a team that you can trust. Teamwork is the foundation of a successful company.

The digital world is at your disposal and you can use it to your advantage. With so many platforms available, it is always good to make use of social media to build a strong follower base. It is the best medium for brand awareness, so make sure that you create great content around your product or service so as to generate interest and curiosity.

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